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preparation work

production of drawing/s - €20 per drawing

The drawing stage is where information is gathered on the subject, which forms the basis of the painting, therefore this is an important part of the process.

On completion of the drawing or drawings, these will be presented to the client for approval.  If necessary further drawings will be made, according to the client’s wishes, until the client gives their approval to carry out a painting on the basis of a drawing.  

50% of the final price is due on commencement of the painting.  At approximately half way, I will email a photo of the painting to you (the client) for approval and any alterations can be made at this point.  The remaining 50% to be paid at this stage.

 price structure

These prices apply to oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, or acrylic on paper.  



24 cm

(432 cm²)  

24 x 30 cm




30 x 40 cm

(1200 cm²)

40 x 50 cm

(2000 cm²)

50 x 50 cm

(2500 cm²)

50 x 70 cm

(3500 cm²)

60 x 60 cm

(3600 cm²) 

Other sizes available on request



€207 €345



€ 875





€172 €288







for prices in UK £ Sterling, please contact me


tm: 934170523 / home: 282 955 320

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