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medium sized paintings : welcome... all these paintings are 30 x 60, 40 x 60, 40 x 50, or 50 x 50 cm
and are oil or acrylic on canvas

The paintings on this page are all for sale, unless marked otherwise.  If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact me
You can also visit my studio to see the paintings which are at home, for current exhibitions please see the index page.  

Open Studio days

Burnt landscape, Monchique

Summer rain


Lagos marina calcada
Lagos marina calcada

View of Foia, Monchique
View of Foia with stag

           Casais landscape
               Casais landscape


Monchique, late summer

Monchique: late summer


Odeceixe beach


London, Tate Modern



Mertola, Algarve


Odeceixe, Alentejo





Gralhos landscape

Ferragudo mandala by Liz Allen

Ferragudo 'mandala'

Vila Nova de Milfontes

The Black Vase

Aljezur summer

Aljezur Summer


Albufeira, Algarve


River horse, Silves

River horse, Silves


Lagos harbour blue

Lagos harbour (I)

house portrait commission
house portraits to commission


Vilamoura marina calcada

Vilamoura Marina

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