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A short guide to how I price my paintings

Figuring out how an artist arrives at the prices of their work can be obscure, so I've written a short guide to how I arrive at mine.

The size of a painting is an indication of the price, up to a point.  Some are more labour intensive or complex than others. The time it takes to complete a painting is another factor, which is usually linked to the work's complexity.  Small paintings can take longer per area than larger works, in my case, and this is why some of my 30 x 40s are priced higher per square centimetre than some larger works.  
Paintings done with oil on canvas generally take longer to complete than acrylic on canvas, due to the drying times between layers, therefore will be slightly more in price.

Sometimes I have a painting which was completed say, 5 years ago, and on reviewing the work, I may decide it falls into the category of personal favourites.  Obviously, opinions may differ, and it is a personal thing.  I might in this case price the work a little higher than other similar ones.  Conversely, I may decide that I would like to let a certain work go sooner than later and price it accordingly.  The reason for this is usually simply that I have had enough of looking at the work and feel it's time for it to go to a new home.

Some works are more special to me than others, and some are more unusual; but my starting point for pricing is of size and time spent on them.  Any painting on this site with 'poa' in place of price is one of the unusual/special works, and the price will reflect that.

As a collector and purchaser of art, you will most likely have checked out other artist's prices, and decided for yourself what represents good value to you, based on what kind of work fulfils your requirements.  Artists working in the same media, same sizes and subjects or themes are a good way of making price comparisons, though you obviously will see which artists have greater experience in their field. The difference is generally noticeable in art produced by a relative beginner to a mature artist with 20 or more years experience, and price of the work should reflect this difference in experience. In 2015, I will have been working for over 20 years as a practicing artist, and 10 years professionally, with art as my sole income.

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